Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Caterpillar Snuggled Up

Once there was a caterpillar.
He saw the butterflies
And he wondered where his brothers and sisters were.
He didn't know that he was looking straight at them.

He said, I wish I were one of those beautiful creatures up in the sky.
I wish that I were flying.
He didn't know that someday he would be.
One day, he said, I will roll up in a cocoon,
And come out as one of those beautiful creatures.
And so, he did.
And when he came out, he was a beautiful butterfly
But poor thing, his wings were all wet,
So he had to sit in the sun all day to dry them.
But tomorrow he came out and flew!

Fast and Flashy Fish

Once there was a fish
And he was very big
And he was fast, and he was flashy.

He went and found a sunken boat
and an octopus came out.
Let's do a race, said the fast and flashy fish.

Then he went and found a fat big fish.
He said, let's have a race.
And the big fish said, you get in front of me
So he went in front of him and . . .
Gulp! He was eaten up.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Froggy in the Meadow

Froggy frog, where is your home in the river?
Or is it by the river? Is it in the meadow?

Before you were a little frog,
You were a little tadpole swimming in the river.
Then you were a little egg.
Before that you were in your mother's stomach.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Post

There was a little girl.
Once she was a little baby.
Her brother was born after her.
They play together, but sometimes they fight.

She has a friend that's named rebecca.
She has a friend that's named rebecca.
They're happy, and Rebecca has some bikes we ride.
She has a slide and two swings and a little toy house.

Snake and Panther

Snake, Snake, what is your name?
Kaa, said the snake.
Kaa, what kind of snake are you?
Panther, panther, what's your name?
Bagheera, said the panther.
Panther, panther, are you happy?
Yes, said the panther.

Praying Mantis

Once there was a little girl.
she had never seen praying mantises in her life before.
once in Italy with her friend Rebecca, she saw a praying mantis.
And she was very happy to see one because they are quite interesting
And once she saw one flying and it landed.

Lizard Home

Once there was a lizard, and he had a home.
The home was only a little thing, I don't know it's name.
The lizard was very happy with ten little babies and a wife.
He had lots of food to eat.

Little Girl

Once there was a little girl named Axa.
And she liked to catch lizards a lot because she loved them so much.
Once she caught a lizard that was starting to grow a new tail.

They always try to run away,
But she always caught some at least,
Unless they ran away, because they liked the sun.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Blue Whale in the Ocean

Big whale in the ocean,
You are biggest thing in the ocean.

Blue whale, blue whale what do you eat?
It's so funny you can't even see the thing that you eat.

You are the biggest thing in the ocean.
Why do you eat such a tiny thing?
You are the biggest thing in the ocean.
Why do you eat the littlest thing in the ocean?

That's just how I'm made, said the whale.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I go to asilo and I have a friend.
I ride with her on bikes
and play with her on teeter-totters.

Furry Caterpillar

Caterpillar, caterpillar, when will you change?
When will you curl in your cocoon?
You will turn into a beautiful butterfly.
All butterflies are very beautiful.

I love you because you will turn
Into such a beautiful little creature as a butterfly.
I hope nobody touches you because you are so beautiful
I love you. You look so beautiful because of your fur.

You are quite a large caterpillar and you will turn
Into a beautiful butterfly when you come out of your little cocoon.