Friday, July 8, 2011

Graceful Flowers Waving in the Meadow

Beautiful flowers, I love you so much.
You wave in the meadow so gracefully and well.
I love you so much. Your beauty is the day.
Shall I take some of you for my mother?
Or shall I leave you to swing in the meadow?
I know not who shall breed you,
But I do know where you came from.
You came from the skies above.
Goodbye, my dear flowers. The winter has come.
It is time for you to fade. But then come again.
It is like when we die, and we come up again.
Except it’s different with you. You fade again.
I love you in my heart.
You are beautiful and graceful
As you wave in the meadow of your birth.

Shy little red and black bug

There is a little bug. He is kind of like a ladybug, except he is an oval. He seems very shy. His legs have tiny little spines on them, but of course they don’t hurt you because he’s just a teeny little scared bug. He has white and brown antennae. The front half of his body is black. The back part of his body is red, with three little black dots. On his front part is a teeny, weeny, hardly seen line, to make out his face. Mama was the first one who saw him, and she called me over. He was so cute we decided to describe him to you. He seemed scared at first, and he kept going under things, where he kept buggling and scrabbling.