Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Father That Would Not Let His Children Never Go To Bed

There was a big tree and he told his children it was time to go to sleep. His children were the leaves hanging on the branches up high. They said,

"Please can we hang just one day more?

So the big bare tree let them hang one day more. Yes sir, one day more. In the day the little leaflets whisper,

"If we plead, he might let us stay all the rest of the days."

The bare tree only smiled to hear the little whispering. And when the day was over they pleaded as hard as they could, but they could not move his large heart to let them stay forever. Down they flew with brown and red and yellow wings, away they flew, away to dreamland and to bed.

"Good night, my little leaflets. Long and happy may you sleep."

And when the little leaflets had flown down, they said to big father,

"How nice it is to go to bed."