Friday, October 29, 2010

Spider in its Web

Once there was a spider. And he was happy spider in his web. Everybody was admiring his web because it was so round and beautiful. So everybody admired his web. He was a very happy spider. Once he had babies, and everybody was so happy with him.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charming Butterfly

Once there was a butterfly, and she was so beautiful. And all the other butterflies said, she can be our queen, she is so beautiful, and her feelers are golden for a crown on her head! And a beautiful handsome butterfly was the king. His feelers were silver for his crown. And all the butterflies were quite beautiful. The king and queen were very beautiful.

Little Hamster

Once there was a little hamster. And he was a very happy little hamster because he had a nice little cage and a lot of food, whatever he wanted. Everything was going well in his cage. He has a few little babies, five. His babies were very cute. His owner was nice. Sometimes she let him come out. He didn't even want to because he was so comfortable in his cage.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Foal

Once there was a little foal, and it was a nice little foal. Its mother was a nice large horse. And she was very beautiful. The foal was very cute. The foal had a father, and the father was a big horse. But once, the foal was naughty. He stayed where he was when his mother called him. His father was angry, but the foal was in the forest before his father could find him. The big, bad wolf came along, and he thought that the foal would be yummy. The foal was very scared, and he ran away. The father was neighing for him at the edge of the wood. The wolf followed him. But when he saw him by his father, he was scared and ran off.

Little Calf

Once there was a little calf, and it was a happy little calf with its mother. It always went with its mother when its mother told it to. And its mother was very happy with her little newborn calf.

Little Lamb

Once there was a little lamb, and he lived with his mother. He was happy. But he was a boy. And when he grew a little bit older, his horns began to show. And he thought he was grown up. So when his mother called him to go back with the other flock, he did not, because he thought he was grown up. But a hungry, evil wolf came along hoping for that little lamb right there. The lamb was scared, but his mother was not there at all. He said, "before you eat me, wolf, can you play a tune?" And so the wolf did, but the hounds heard the wolf and chased the wolf away. And the little lamb was safe.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Little Lizard

Once there was a lizard, and he was little. He was not a big one. He did not know how to stay free. He always ran away from someone, but he was always caught, unless the person was very slow. Like maybe a turtle would be very far behind when the lizard was going its fastest. Wow, I can't believe how far behind. The little lizard always cried and said, "why can't I? Why do they always catch me?"
"Because, said his Mommy and Daddy, "we stay next to our hiding places. If you stay next to your hiding places, you will not be caught."
"But there's not as much sun near hiding places!" he cried some more.
"Well," said his Mommy and Daddy, "that's the deal. If you'll let yourself have not quite so much sun, then you won't get caught. Besides, they always let you go anyway."

Little Frog in the Meadow

Once there was a little frog.
And he was a happy little fellow.
He couldn't remember when he was nothing.
He could not remember when he was an egg.
And he could not remember when he was swimming,
because he was a big frog now.
He couldn't remember hopping in the meadow,
because he was big now.
Now, he was in a pet store!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Beautiful Flowers in the Meadow

Once there was a little girl, and she loved flowers. Her name was Axa. She picked flowers that were very beautiful. Some were little yellow flowers with heart-shaped leaves. And some were beautiful purple flowers. Some were daisies, and some daffodils. And some were poppies. She could write flowers beautifully too.

Wiggle Lizard

Once there was a lizard, and he was a very happy lizard. He was very tricky. He had never been caught in his life. But once, a girl came by. She saw him, and she wanted to catch him. And she caught him. He was very wiggly, because he had never wanted to be caught. He didn't even know about being caught.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Grasshopper

Once there was a little grasshopper. And he had no hopper legs. But he did have wings. He was a little one.
Once a little girl saw a baby grasshopper. It was the same kind as the one with no hopper legs. But this one did have hopper legs.
There were lots of other grasshoppers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spider's Babies

Once I saw a spider in its web.
I saw many little creatures. I knew they were not the flies, because I saw them moving.
And then I knew that they were spiders. Baby spiders. If they had not been baby spiders, they would have been teeny spiders. But I could see that they were babies because they were in the same web. The spider had a very good place, because it was in a rose bush, and there were some leaves that covered it, so you could not see it was a web unless you looked under it. The babies were in a snug little place with some of the flies the spider had caught. I saw him run down to one of the flies in his web, but then he ran back again. He could not have been scared, because it was a fly he went down to. Maybe he ran back because his babies wanted something.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Big Blue Whale

There is a whale in the ocean.
I see it swimming by me.
It is the biggest thing in the ocean.
It is a whale, a blue whale.