Friday, November 20, 2009

World of Ducks, Fish and Spider Flowers

I saw a flower with a ruffle around the pollen. There was a tiny bit of pollen. Around the ruffle and the pollen was a thing that was black. On the thing that was black was a white spot. There was very dark red, medium dark red, and then it was all yellow.

There were ducks in a pond at the nature preserve. Their bodies were grey, their necks were black, and their beaks were white. There was a school of tiny black fish in the water. Mommy said that the fish might be one of the things the ducks eat.

This is a spider flower. The spider flower had pollen in the middle, and its petals were perfectly straight.

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  1. I went to that pond too but I couldn't see any fish. It was getting dark. We should go again in the day time and try to find them. I love reading your blog, Axa! The way you describe the things you see helps me picture it in my mind. :)