Monday, October 25, 2010

The Little Lizard

Once there was a lizard, and he was little. He was not a big one. He did not know how to stay free. He always ran away from someone, but he was always caught, unless the person was very slow. Like maybe a turtle would be very far behind when the lizard was going its fastest. Wow, I can't believe how far behind. The little lizard always cried and said, "why can't I? Why do they always catch me?"
"Because, said his Mommy and Daddy, "we stay next to our hiding places. If you stay next to your hiding places, you will not be caught."
"But there's not as much sun near hiding places!" he cried some more.
"Well," said his Mommy and Daddy, "that's the deal. If you'll let yourself have not quite so much sun, then you won't get caught. Besides, they always let you go anyway."

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