Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spider's Babies

Once I saw a spider in its web.
I saw many little creatures. I knew they were not the flies, because I saw them moving.
And then I knew that they were spiders. Baby spiders. If they had not been baby spiders, they would have been teeny spiders. But I could see that they were babies because they were in the same web. The spider had a very good place, because it was in a rose bush, and there were some leaves that covered it, so you could not see it was a web unless you looked under it. The babies were in a snug little place with some of the flies the spider had caught. I saw him run down to one of the flies in his web, but then he ran back again. He could not have been scared, because it was a fly he went down to. Maybe he ran back because his babies wanted something.

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