Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gecko, Gecko, I Love You

"Gecko, gecko, I love you.
Why do not you come near to me?"

Little gecko made no answer,
But crept along the wall.

"Gecko, gecko, gecko gecko
Why do not you answer me?"

The gecko still made no answer
But went under the door.

Then she went out and caught him, and said,
"gecko, gecko, I love you."
Pray, why do you not answer me?

Finally the gecko said,
"I'm scared of humans."
In a very little squeaky voice.

She laughed to hear him and she said,
"No need to be scared of me.
I love little geckos, and I do not catch them to be mean to them,
And I love them so much.
Gecko, gecko, will you come
And live upon my balcony?
In the night I see some geckos roam,
and get upon the wall."

By and by the gecko said,
"Well, yes, but do you have any food for me?"

"No, I don't," she said. "But I will love you."

The gecko's face frowned, and he ran away.

She laughed, and ran after him,
And put a box on top of him.
And he tried to climb up to a small open doorway.

All of a sudden, she shut it and said,
"gecko, gecko, I love you.
Pray, why do not you laugh at me?
I thought you laughed at me when I try to catch you.
And I am very sad when I don't.
Pray why do not you laugh at me?"

"But," said the gecko, "I thought that you didn't like me.
So I don't laugh at you. I'm scared of you."

She laughed again and said,
"no, my little gecko. I do not hate you."

The gecko said, "very well, I will come and live with you on your balcony."

She smiled very happily and said,
"thank you, little gecko. Thank you, thank you."

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