Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Whale King of the Ocean

Big Blue Whale, Big Blue Whale,
How do you do today?

I heard you were king of the ocean,
But I haven't seen any fish bowing to you.

Big Blue Whale, Big Blue Whale,
Pray, why do not they bow to you?

Do you know why?

"I do not know why," said the big blue whale.

Then, I shall ask them.
I think they ought to bow to you.

"My friend the killer whale knows.
They bow to him because he is a large predator.
And none of them dare to disobey him
Because he has such large, sharp teeth.
They do not bow to me because I do not eat meat, but he does.
I love all my little people.
But the killer whale says, "if you do not obey me, I will kill you."

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